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new colours — play for life

Inspired by the colourful minds of our little users, we introduce a new MODU lineup. Bringing vibrant colours to our products to make your home even more playful. Re-discover the wonders of MODU and join us in our effort to make play central in everyday life.

Colours for Any Home ...and Any Play World

With the launch of our new lineup, we are expanding the MODUverse and inviting you to explore new ways to integrate active play into your home. Aspiring to make play central in everyday life, each new palette has its own distinct personality. From subtle, muted tones, to bold and bright colours — offering a playful variety to families and homes of all kinds and styles.

Our colourful range plays around with hues and shades to create a dynamic look and feel. This allows the toy to stand out as a visual contrast that sparks joy and creativity, while consolidating MODU's unobtrusive design as a natural object in your home.

Colour awakens our imagination and by adding more colours to MODU, we hope to inspire children to discover even more play worlds. Jump on a balance board and surf the ocean. Or take off on an airplane into the sky. We believe that colours contain the power to expand the play even further.

Be curious and have fun exploring the new lineup.

New Colours. Better Materials.

With the new MODU lineup, we explore not only colours but also new and improved materials. You’ll find that MODU is now more durable and more sustainable, with a lighter feel and more playful touch. Quality of life improvements that play along well with our new colourful direction.

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