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re-inventing active play

We’re a Copenhagen-based team of designers, dreamers and doers united by one goal: to create playful & sustainable toys that meet the growing need for motor skills.

we believe in open-ended play

We dream of a future where kids develop and are enabled to inspire us through more imagination & open-ended, active play.

With the many games on tablets and computers, the development of play and fundamental motor skills is becoming increasingly unimaginative and passive. This sucks because activity and motor skill stimulation form the foundation of both physical, linguistic and social learning for our kids. We are determined to change this sad trend with a toy that fulfills the need to create, be imaginative, and urges kids to play actively using their whole body.

We hope to make play the center of living. We have designed a toy that parents can invite into their living room. In that way, MODU is a toy that is always available for spontaneous co-play with all family members involved — and it works across ages, genders and cultures. The tangible and interactive aspect of MODU is great for collaborative play in all ages, both among kids and adults. We call it a play loop and everyone can be part of it: imagine, build, move, imagine, build, move, imagine, build, move, imagine, build, move...

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sustainability & CSR

We do our very best to select materials that are both high quality and secure a sustainable future. We use 100% recyclable ABS-plastic, non-toxic EVA-foam and CO2 friendly shipping as our way of producing the toy in a sustainable way. All materials are 100% phthalate- and BPA-free, and are continuously being tested and approved for kid's toys by means of the strict European Standard for Toys — EN71. As our materials are fully recyclable we encourage you to sort your MODU elements once you’re done with them.

MODU is produced through two carefully selected toy manufacturers in Denmark and in the Far East. Both partners live up to Danish standards and comply with our ethical values regarding human rights, labor laws, anti-corruption and the environment. We regularly visit our manufacturers and we use trusted agents to maintain communication and uphold our high expectations for quality. We take pride in strictly selecting partners that are continuously taking initiatives to reduce their environmental footprint and produce sustainable toys.

Health, safety, and environmental impact are key to MODU. Our dream is to use bio-based materials, but the truth is that the quality and compliance are not quite there yet. When technology catches up, it is our ambition to go fully bio-based, reducing our environmental footprint further to increase sustainability.

MODU is sustainable in more ways than one. Kids usually outgrow their toys — especially in their early years when fundamental motor skills are learned. That’s why we designed the MODU system to be truly multifunctional. This means that when your kid outgrows one creation, another one is easily built. Being super age-adaptable MODU is the epitome of sustainable toys – a toy with a long lifecycle that stays relevant for years. MODU remains fun and challenging from just 6 months up to 6 years.... and beyond! As we like to say: "A toy that helps you grow and grows with you"

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award winning danish design

MODU follows the tradition of Scandinavian toy design, where functionalism, sustainability and aesthetics are pride of place. We know that toys can clash with modern, minimalistic homes and that’s why our MODU blocks come in unobtrusive light grey. To give them a fun, contrasty ‘twist’ for the kids, we have chosen playful colors for the connecting elements of MODU.

MODU has been acclaimed by numerous design awards, including three prominent titles within the first year of launch. In May 2019, MODU was one of the finalists at the Danish Design Awards, in the category "Healthy Life". The purpose and performance of this award is to demonstrate the potential of designs that enhance our mental or physical health. Click the icons below to read more about what the jury said.

One of our biggest achievements was to win the internationally acclaimed Red Dot Design Award in the category "Product Design". The award refers to the product's high design quality and sustainability. The award was claimed at an awards ceremony in Essen, Germany in July 2019, and MODU has since been presented in the Red Dot Design Museum, the largest museum for contemporary design.

In yet another awarded accomplishment, MODU was part of the World of Kids Toys category at German toy fair, Kind Und Jugend, where we ultimately won the Innovation Award 2019. Areas carefully evaluated were design, safety, innovation, and quality of the product.

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