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We’re a Copenhagen-based team of designers, dreamers and doers united by one goal: to create sustainable toys that meet the growing need for both motor and play skills.

award winning danish design

MODU follows the tradition of Scandinavian toy design, where functionalism, sustainability and aesthetics are in focus. We know that toys can clash with modern, minimalistic homes and that’s why our MODU blocks come in unobtrusive light grey. To give them a ‘twist’ for the kids, we have chosen playful colors for the connecting elements of MODU.

MODU has been acclaimed by numerous design awards, including the Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, cons ectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat. Ut wisi enim ad minim.

csr & our

We do our very best to select materials that are both high in quality and secure a sustainable future. We use 100% recyclable ABS-plastic, non-toxic EVA foam and CO2 friendly shipping as our way of producing the toy, in order to optimize our sustainability

We produce MODU through two carefully selected toy manufacturers. The facilities and working environment of both partners live up to Danish standards and they are continuously taking initiatives to reduce their environmental footprint and produce sustainable toys.

Our dream is to use bio-based materials, but the truth is that the quality and compliance is not quite there yet. When technology catches up, it is our ambition to go fully bio-based, reducing our environmental footprint further to increase sustainability.

MODU is sustainable in more ways than one. Kids usually outgrow their toys - especially in their early years when fundamental motor skills are learned. That’s why we designed the MODU system to be truly multifunctional. This means that when your kid outgrows one creation, another one is easily built. Being super age-adaptable MODU is the epitome of a sustainable toy – a toy with a long lifecycle that stays relevant for years. MODU remains fun and challenging from just 6 months up to 6 years.... and beyond!

we believe...

We dream of a future where kids develop and are enabled to inspire us through more imagination & open-ended, active play.

We believe that MODU solves an important and very real problem; screens are taking over children’s lives, and this sucks because activity and motor skill stimulation form the foundation of both physical, linguistic and social learning. We’ve designed MODU to meet all the natural needs a child has in active play. We do that via a single fun, imaginative and long-lasting toy, which encourages and supports every stage of your child’s development.

And the greatest thing: the tangible and interactive aspect of MODU is great for collaborative play in all ages, both among kids and adults. We call it a play loop and everyone can be part of it: imagine, build, move, imagine, build, move, imagine, build, move, imagine, build, move...

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