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FAQ — fantastic awesome questions

Is MODU for all ages? Is it designed in Denmark? Does it develop kid's physical and creative play skills? Is it age-adapting? Sustainable? Fun??


Which kit should I choose?

All kits are suitable for boys and girls aged 0 - 6. MODU is designed to offer a lot of possibilities with just a few blocks. For young children, our small kits might be enough. That being said; bigger kits = more blocks = more possibilities! If you have more than one child, we recommend getting a bigger kit and an extra set of wheels so you can build more rides.

Generally, more elements are often fun when your kids' grow older and develop their construction skills. Remember, MODU is an eco-system. You can always add more elements to your kit, or mix and match your own creations.

What can I build? Where do I find inspiration?

Every kit comes with an inspiration booklet containing clear instructions on how to build numerous creations. Also included are suggestions for versatile usages, motor skill benefits, storage options and upkeep inspiration. Check out our inspiration page for creation ideas.

For infinite inspiration, follow @modu.dk and #moduverse on Instagram and share your own experiences or see what the community has made. Only your imagination is the limit!

Can I build more than one creation from one kit simultaneously?

Yes! Especially if you have a Dreamer Kit. You can always add more elements and add-ons to your kit, e.g. extra wheels for a race, more blocks, half balls, etc.

How do I clean my MODU?

There are several options to refresh your MODU elements:

  • Use hot water, mild soap and a soft brush.

  • Take your MODU toys to the bath tub and give them a good scrub. They float!

  • Give your blocks a ride in the dishwasher. We recommend 40ºC (104ºF) or lower in order to minimise risk of marks from the dishwasher ribs.

Remember to dry the pegs thoroughly on a towel if water gets inside. Bonus tip: Boiling hot water will refresh and disinfect your blocks as well as reduce visible marks. Just be careful when using boiling water! You can find a general guide on how to clean caster wheels here.

How much weight can MODU take? Can adults use it?

The blocks can be used by adults to some extent, but be careful putting too much stress on the wheels and pegs. We recommend using the blocks only. They are great yoga/training blocks!

The blocks and wheels are tested up to 50 kg according to the EN71-1 Directive 2009/48/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the Safety of Toys.

My baby is teething; what do I do about bite marks?

Generally, we recommend keeping an eye on the play when your kids are young — especially during peak teething-periods. The pegs are great fun for babies on their own! If your kid makes a "unique stamp" in a block, try pouring boiling water carefully over the marks. Though deep marks cannot be fully removed, this technique should reduce their visibility.

What's the meaning of life?


What are the connector pegs made of?

All connecting elements are made from 100% recyclable ABS in food-grade quality. You know it from LEGO!

What are the building blocks made of?

Our blocks consist of 100% non-toxic, tough and tactile EVA-foam. Same material as you’d find in yoga blocks or sleeping mats. The material has several great characteristics like being sound-absorbing, non-slip, easy to clean as well as safe for your children and your floor! This also means that marks are a natural part of the materials' life-time. Marks over time is to be expected. They have no impact on the functionality of the toy and can be reduced by pouring boiling water over the area.

All materials we use are of course 100% phthalate- and BPA-free and are continuously being tested and approved for children’s toys by means of the strict European Standard for Toys — EN71.

Where is MODU being produced?

We produce MODU through two carefully selected toy manufacturers in Denmark and in the Far East. Both partners live up to Danish standards and comply with our ethical values regarding human rights, labor laws, anti-corruption and the environment. We regularly visit our manufacturers and we use trusted agents to maintain continuous communication and uphold our high expectations for quality.

Where can I see the products IRL?

MODU is available in stores across many countries worldwide. Please email us with your contact information and we will help you find the closest store to you.

Which payment methods can I use in the shop?

Mastercard, PayPal, VISA, VISA Dankort, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay

What are your return/refund policies?

We have free shipping in Europe on all orders above 499 DKK / 69 EUR / 59 GPB and a 100 days return policy. You can find more information on our terms and conditions here.

What does shipping cost outside of the EU?

Delivery of kits within EU is free, but as we are shipping from Denmark, all deliveries outside EU are quite expensive. Right now approximately $90 USD. Also, be aware of your local VAT, which can be charged upon arrival of the package. We are continuously working on finding the right partners to help us distribute MODU on the international market. If you know one, feel free to share with us at: retail@modutoy.com



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