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Imagine, build, move — in an endless loop. That’s what playing with MODU is all about. Find inspiration for your MODU toy on this page and let it give you insights and ideas for great play — you might learn that even upkeep can be kinda fun.


...are not just building blocks. They are also great fun individually. Use them as stepping stones when the floor is made of lava. Or discover each of their unique characteristics — some are stable while other will wobble, tip and rock depending on how you place them on the floor.


...can be used as both connectors, handles and foot bars — and even tails or ears on a monster. That’s also why there are different lenghts. But be aware how you connect blocks in the basic structure of a vehicle if you want it to be stable. In this case, long pegs can be very needed combined with the right position of blocks.


...can make your creation run in all directions — but remember that slim vehicles can tip over. So use the small caster wheels mostly with wide creations or enjoy the tilting and tumbling. The big foam wheels can be combined with the pegs in two ways: One will run freely, while the other will make your creation buzz. Being very stable, the big wheels are particularly useful during the early stages of walking and riding.

creation ideas

  • rocker

    ages 1 - 3

    A rocker exercises both the balance and front/back muscle control of the body. It’s especially good for small children because of the senses that it promotes. Rocking movements stimulate the vestibular (inner ear) system, which can encourage your growing sense of balance.

    rocker rocker
  • scooter board

    ages 0,5 - 4

    It’s fun how mom’s face changes perspective, when moving away and then returning. Lying on your stomach will exercise important neck and back muscles, including those which help you keep your head up high. From the belly position you can also exercise your arms and use them to spin yourself around.

    floor board floor board
  • stand-up’er

    ages 8 - 15 m

    Standing up for the first time feels like reaching your first summit — and getting up on your feet is hard! It requires something stable to hold on to. A stable creation will help you and the handles give you something to grab onto when moving from a sitting position to a standing position.

    standupper standupper
  • straight rider

    ages 1 - 3

    A straight rider is more stable than a swirly rider. That’s why this rider is great for younger kids. It can move fast or slow depending on how you attach the wheels. It also strengthens bilateral coordination and lets your child sense speed and rapid shifts in forward/backward direction.

    straight rider straight rider
  • walker

    ages 0,8 - 2

    Practice walking with a push-wagon and experience how your world opens up. Feel the freedom and fun of exploring, and bring along your favorite on the journey. Learning to walk is largely a matter of trial and error. So just keep at it, and be patient ’cruising’ around.

    walker walker
  • swirly rider

    ages 2 - 5

    Exercise bilateral coordination by holding on and steering while using your legs to speed up. A swirly rider can spin, ride forward and backwards and change direction — all these movements strengthen your core and exercise your ability to hold an upright position.

    swirly rider swirly rider
  • racer

    ages 2 - 6

    Being pushed on a cart and feeling out of control is exciting for both buddies or siblings. Pushing a cart is hard work and will stimulate the proprioceptive system, i.e. the sense of the relative position of your childs own body parts and strength of effort being employed in movement.

    racer racer
  • climber

    age 2 - 6

    A climber exercises both the balance and front/back muscle control of the body. It’s especially good for small children because of the senses that it promotes. Rocking movements stimulate the vestibular (inner ear) system, which can encourage your child’s growing sense of balance.

    climber climber
  • roller

    ages 2 - 6

    Training static balance with small movements requires good sense integration between the vestibular and proprioceptive sensory system. It is always a good idea to have a buddy hold your hand at first. For older kids, balancing makes for a great contest — who can stay on the longest?

    roller roller
  • obstacle course

    ages 2 - 5

    Obstacle courses are both balancing fun and great for training jumps! As you move from one block to another, the ability to release ground and prolong the jump phase is exercised — and you also stimulate your depth perception! The longer the ‘stones’ are apart, the greater the challenge.

    obstacle course obstacle course
  • tilter

    ages 3 - 6

    Exploring your balance is both helpful and challenging no matter how old you are. On a tilter you enhance balance, spatial awareness, weight transfer and coordination either standing, sitting or lying down. Challenge yourself or a buddy and flip it upside down for an easier start.

    tilter tilter
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Clean your building blocks with dishwasher detergent and a clean brush. Or put your elements in the dishwasher — but be aware of pointy tray ribs that can leave marks and use a short program on 40 degrees Celsius or lower. If your MODU is dirty but still fun to play with, simply bring it to the shower as a bath toy.


If for some reason you absolutely, positively have to store away your MODU kit, feel free to build something fancy for your room, which features all your MODU elements. This could be a small table and stool, or perhaps even a cool sculpture? When all else fails, MODU can be flat-packed and stored under the couch or behind a door.


We take safety seriously and we use independent consumer labs to ensure that all our parts are safe and certified: MODU is CE certified and compliant with the European Standard for Toys covered by EN 71. To ensure stability of certain creations, we encourage the building process to be supervised by an adult.

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