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Installation: MODU Seaplane

Step into a world where creativity takes flight with the MODU Seaplane. Launched in the summer of 2023 at Copenhagen's prestigious department store ILLUM, this remarkable installation, crafted from MODU blocks and pegs, invites everyone to marvel at the wonders of imagination and design.

The Flight of Imagination and Innovation

The buzz in our office has transformed into a reality far beyond our wildest dreams. Introducing the MODU Seaplane, a testament to innovation and playful design. With a staggering 4.5-meter wingspan, this installation is our largest and most ambitious project to date, perfectly timed with the opening of the new kids' department at ILLUM.

Inspired by the majestic seaplane gracing the skies above Copenhagen, our creation soars in imagination. Crafted from 163 blocks and 342 connector pegs, this seaplane is a pinnacle among MODU creations. While it boasts a whimsical passenger capacity of 0 – 1 (safety first – no actual flights!), its real capacity is to inspire and captivate. For us at MODU, bringing this life-sized building toy to life has been nothing short of a dream come true. It stands as a beacon of creativity, encouraging young and old alike to dream big and build bigger.

The MODU Seaplane is currently embarking on a journey across the country. It will grace the shelves of major retailers, continuing to inspire and delight. Each location is a new chapter in its story, and a new opportunity to spark joy and wonder in the hearts of children and their families.

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