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Everyday Play with the Engells

A home that’s always filled with love, energy, and a bit of chaos. We invited the Engells Family to capture a play session and share how the family of four uses MODU in everyday life as well as some of their best moments with the toy so far.

How do you use MODU in your everyday life?

Our home is always filled with love, energy, and a bit of chaos. The boys love moving and playing together. They come up with cool building projects, like race cars, airplanes, and race tracks for their cars. Additionally, we use MODU as tables, obstacle courses, and all sorts of other things. There's often a part of MODU involved when they play. This morning they built a soccer goal, which they're excited to come home and play with again later.

Can you share some of the best play moments you've had so far?

A few weeks back, I had Jacob home alone, so we had more time for really getting into our playtime. We built a kitchen and then we made play food out of LEGO and other things we could find. It was fun to see him immerse himself, remembering to turn on the stove when cooking.

I also really enjoy hearing them laugh out loud together when they build and play. Often, I inspire them to build something together when I'm making dinner, and there's nothing better than hearing them having fun in their room.

What do you think your kids would say they like the most about MODU?

Levi, 4 years old: "It's fun that you can make anything."

Alexandra: "What's the best thing to build?"

Levi: "A race car where Jacob and I sit together!"

Jacob, 2 years old: "A huge catapult."

Alexandra: "Why is that fun?"

Jacob: "Because the balls fly all the way up to the ceiling."

Levi: "I've gotten really good at catching the balls when they fall down!"

Get a closer look into the life of the Engells at Alexandra Engell's Instagram here.

Photos by Alexandra Engell

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