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A Year with MODU — Kaysen Family

A toy that helps kids grow and grows with kids. We joined the Kaysen family for a play session to learn how they've utilized MODU as their son, Harald, has grown from a little over 6 months to nearly 2 years old. From basic motor skill play to driving around the apartment, Frederikke shares her and her family's experience of a year with MODU.

How do you utilize the functionalities of MODU in your everyday life?

Because we live in a small space, we've have really enjoyed not having a lot of different toys taking up room. Recently, we’ve had a lot of fun building rocking toys, so not having to have a separate rocking toy, a little ride-on, etc., has been a huge plus for us.

In what way have you experienced your son grow with the toy? Or vice versa?

We got a lot of use out of the toy from the very beginning. At that time, Harald was about 6 months old, and we used the large Base Block to make a balance board. We’ve also had a lot of fun building ride-ons, starting with the Tiny Ride when he was little, and now the Base Ride as he’s grown taller.

He's at a stage now where he really enjoys building in his own way, just placing the connector pegs in random places while singing the kids' song ‘Building Myself a Car’ — so cute. When he was younger, I actually built a little car for him at some point, when he was still a little too young to use it. Then suddenly, a few months later, he was driving around all by himself. Seeing that development has been really fun.

Is there a moment in particular that you remember and cherish?

I do actually have one particular memory from when he was younger and just started taking a few steps. We built the standing tower for him, and it was perfect because he could get up all by himself and then push it across the floor. That was really special ♥.

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