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A Playful Home with Freja Bak Josias

Stepping into the home of Freja Bak Josias, you are greeted by a space that's not just a home, but a vibrant expression of Freja’s profession as a Construction Architect. Living with her husband and daughter, every corner exudes a distinct and personal style, and we had the pleasure of chatting with Freja about home and incorporating play into everyday life.

What's important to you when decorating and creating a home for you and your family?

The most important thing is definitely to maintain an atmosphere where people feel good and welcome, and where Ruth feels included. I don’t like it when a home is too nice or too perfect; it makes you feel scared to move.

What's a ‘playful’ home to you?

A playful home is fun and has an atmosphere that’s warm and inviting. A playful home is also a place that sticks with you after you leave because it somehow made an impression or made you feel good.

How do you incorporate 'play' into your home decor?

I try to incorporate and engage in activities in different zones of our home. It's okay to draw at the dining table and jump on the bed. In the living room, we can easily move the furniture around to create more space, and the kitchen should be reachable for children as well. So, I try not to limit, but rather include and engage.

How does MODU fit into this?

MODU is just the best for creating a playful, including home for your children. It’s so versatile and easy and fun.

What's currently your favorite way to play with MODU, and how do you utilize the toy's various functions in everyday life?

Ruth really enjoys making obstacle courses, and we've almost included the little staircase permanently in the kitchen because she likes to cook with us. She's also a big fan of the small Swirly Wheels because they're so fast. She's such a daredevil!

Explore more of Freja Bak Josias's home on her Instagram here.

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